Pāmu luxury food and fibre products are sourced from our own farms throughout New Zealand.

We chose the Māori word Pāmu not just for its literal meaning ‘to farm’ but also to reflect the Māori concept of guardianship of the environment (kaitiakitanga). Integrity is everything. Our animals are free range and grass-fed. We take great care of our people and our land. We work in partnership with our customers to align what we do with their needs and those of their markets. You can rely on us for an assured supply of premium products of consistent quality and proven provenance.

Grass-Fed & Free-Range

Pāmu Farms of New Zealand cover lowland and high country pastures where our animals have space to roam and feed naturally year round. Our pastures include a mix of plants for maximum nutritional value, including red and white clover, rye, fescue and Lucerne (alfalfa). In the colder months, we supplement our animals’ diets with high quality forage crops like kale and swedes.

Naturally Better

Pāmu animals are raised naturally, grazing on wide-open pastures and foraging across vast natural landscapes. They are free from antibiotic feed, hormones, GM feed and artificial growth promotants.

Caring For Our Animals

The health and welfare of our animals is central to the way we farm. Their free-range environment reduces stress resulting in a better product. We maintain good health with careful farming practices and regular vet checks.

Quality Seal Of Approval

Our FarmPride quality assurance programme is recognised by New Zealand’s major milk and meat processors. It’s your assurance that we meet exacting standards around product quality and safety, animal welfare, farm management and environmental practice.

Entrusted To Nurture.
Committed To Protect

We are guardians of the land. We are committed to improving it for future generations. Our sustainable farming practices are second to none.

Inventive By Nature

Farming is in our blood and our instinct is to innovate. We are known for our world leading farm practices recognised by awards in animal husbandry, environmental care and farm management.


Pāmu Grass-Fed Prime Steer is a hearty, lean and tender meat produced from predominately Angus and some Simmental sired cattle.  Our cattle are specially bred for our unique environment. Grass-fed beef is a leaner choice providing the health benefits of good essential fats like omega 3 fatty acids.

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Pāmu Supreme Lamb is our pick of very best lamb bred for taste and tenderness. With farms in varied locations throughout New Zealand, we can supply what is usually a seasonal delicacy, year round.

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We are New Zealand’s largest deer farmer. Our careful husbandry produces venison of outstanding eating quality. Tender and much leaner than other red meats, it’s protein rich and nutritionally superior with high levels of B vitamins and trace minerals iron and zinc. The small amount of fat in venison is likely to contain high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), thought to protect against heart disease and cancer.

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Our dairy herds are grass-fed.  As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we don’t feed our cows PKE (palm kernel expeller) typically sourced from rainforests. Pāmu dairy products include premium PKE-free, A2 and organic milk, offering your customers true choice.

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We produce luxurious wool to the highest standards. Our sheep thrive from having the space to roam in some of the most stunning locations throughout New Zealand.

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Pāmu deer leather is used by luxury fashion houses worldwide. It is renowned for being soft, smooth and strong. Its extraordinary high quality is the result of our taking great care with our animals, from calm and quiet handling to careful consideration of their environment.

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